This is one of those feel good moments.

Georges St. Pierre will go down in the history books as one of the greatest to ever fight in The Octagon. Granted his only kryptonite seems to be welterweights with the first name of Matt. His only two losses are to Matt Hughes and Matt Serra but even with those on his record he is still outstanding.

Georges won the welterweight title belt at UFC 65 from Matt Hughes and lost it in his first defense against massive underdog Matt Serra at UFC 69. He would never lose another fight in the UFC after that and amassed a 14 fight win streak culminating in a middleweight title win over Michael Bisping. He is truly one of the greatest.

The Canadian Museum of History recognizes this, too and purchased one of his UFC belts to display proudly. Check out the video below and the incredible respect GSP has in his native country.

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