It’s the classic, old as time tale. UFC bantamweight king TJ Dillashaw wants to fight another champion. TJ Dillashaw drops down instead of staying at his own weight class. TJ Dillashaw gets KTFO by flyweight champion Henry Cejudo.

TJ Dillashaw is now in Daniel Cormier territory. He is the champion that lost to the championĀ of a lower weight class. Cormier may be the heavyweight champion but he has been beaten (1 overturned to NC) by light heavyweight champ Jon Jones twice. Sure, he may be the king of the heavyweights but the thought that Jones could move up in weight at anytime and take the belt is in the backs of the fans minds. The same can now be said for TJ.

Not only did TJ lose but he lost quickly and in brutal fashion and in a way that made a lot of bantamweight contenders mad, or embarrassed. Cejudo firmly intended to keep his flyweight belt on that night and put TJ down in less than a minute. There was some question about whether or not it was stopped too early and even Dana himself joined in on TJ’s protests. The bottom line is that Dillashaw was smoked and the fight is over.

TJ appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience and he vented his frustrations to the titular host. It’s worth a listen. Check it out.

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