Let’s just keep going with our night of WTF.

To recap so far, let’s run it down. Conor McGregor reportedly visited a crack house and was arrested for rape, UFC flyweight champ Henry Cejudo wants to beat up John Cena for Nikki Bella’s love, and now Nikki Bella wants to drink wine with Henry.

At the center of the Nikki Bella and Henry Cejudo love fest is one of our guilty pleasures, TMZ. They caught up with Nikki and her sister on the street and of course the topic came up.

It was kind of tame actually.

See, when a woman wants a “wine date“ I think of wine glasses, Barry White music, laying on a bearskin rug by the fireplace. When you make the kind of money they do however, we are guessing it’s going to be in a stuffy, upscale restaurant with some witty banter and lots of sipping making double entendre’s.

I’ll have to give it to Henry. Before he became champion a lot of people dismissed him and now most of the fans are slowly wanting to be him. Well played sir.

Here’s the video TMZ shared. Check it out.

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