WTF VIDEO: Henry Cejudo says he would beat John Cena’s a%# for Nikki Bella

I mean… Seriously. What planet am I living on right now?

First, Conor McGregor reportedly made a video taped visit to crack house and gets arrested for rape. Now we have UFC flyweight champion Henry Cejudo calling out WWE star gone Hollywood, John Cena.

Not for a fight in the cage mind you. No, this a battle for John’s ex-girlfriend, Nikki Bella.

Shortly after Cejudo destroyed TJ Dillashaw in under a minute Nikki Bella made a comment about Henry. One thing led to another and now we’ve got some very public flirting, and some old school, high school level challenges for her affection.

TMZ shared this video of Henry talking about his fight, his belt, and ultimately kicking John Cena’s ass for Nikki Bella. Check it out.