VIDEO: Greg Hardy is tired of people calling him a cheater

When Greg Hardy entered the UFC, as expected there was some controversy. After all, Greg had a very public domestic violence incident that sent his career into a downward spiral and eventually he wasn’t going to be on a professional football team anymore.

Reinventing himself, He earned his way into the UFC just like the average fighter would. He impressed the right people and caught Dana White’s attention and that’s all it takes. After two brutal knockout wins we were finally getting a proper introduction on a big-time UFC card.

It was the first event on the ESPN+ streaming service and it was really kind of a big deal. He was given a decent opponent in Allen Crowder and he looked to be on his way to a decision victory or possible TKO. It wasn’t to be and Hardy was disqualified due to an illegal knee.

Immediately the keyboard karate experts started hailing him as the worst thing to ever appear in the octagon and that’s including Cabbage Correira.

In all seriousness the same thing happened to Jon Jones when he was disqualified for illegal elbows in a fight he was winning with Matt Hamill. We aren’t comparing Greg to Jon but the situations themselves are similar. The bottom line is that the hate was real.

Greg just isn’t feeling all of it and we can’t blame him. He’s received so much grief from detractors on social media that it’s kind of ridiculous. He made a mistake and it happens to the best of them. Only time will tell if Greg can shut the haters up but for now he’s left dealing with this until his next fight.

He spoke with TMZ about it and we want you to hear it from the man himself. Check it out.