Things that make you go WTF. Mackenzie Dern may stay at strawweight…

In three out of seven fights Mackenzie Dern has missed weight and one of those times was by an unforgivable seven pounds. To any normal person that would be a warning sign and a mandatory move to a higher weight class enforced by Dana White. So why is Dern special? Why doesn’t Dana White step in? What was your question again bro?

She is 7-0 so maybe that’s why she is allowed to stay where she’s at. It still seems a bit unfair to her opponents doesn’t it? If you are a natural strawweight or it is just a healthier cut for you to move down to the weight class, and you get beat by someone much bigger it does no one any real favors. The fighter who missed weight wins at an agreed upon catchweight so it’s not a true divisional battle.The strawweight who lost most likely suffers the penalty of moving down the rankings while the fighter who missed weight often gets moved up. See Yoel Romero in some polls for reference after his misses. Why is this okay? Who makes these dumb decisions? What was your question again bro?

Dern staying at strawweight comes from a reliable source in Ariel Helwani and while we support Mackenzie we don’t want to see her career tarnished by missing weight again. Will she? Won’t she? What was your question again bro?

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