Floyd Mayweather is not satisfied still, he now wants a match with Khabib Nurmagomedov

The past year has been a whirlwind for Khabib Nurmagomedov. First he won the lightweight championship against Al Iaquinta with a unanimous decision at UFC 223. Then he took down the renowned notorious fighter Conor McGregor and rose to instant stardom. His name is now known all over the world.

Khabib has now challenged Mayweather to get into the ring with him and believes he will succeed where McGregor failed. Mayweather had announced his retirement from boxing previously but he might reconsider that decision on account of Khabib’s bragging.

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Khabib’s agent is spicing things up

Now we don’t know for sure weather Floyd Mayweather is actually considering coming out of his retirement for a fight against Khabib. Meanwhile Khabib’s agent is doing everything he can to force Mayweather into that decision.

He recently went on record and claimed that Mayweather has been constantly bugging him about making the fight with Khabib happen. He said that Mayweather would be lying if he says he is not interested in the fight and he can back it up with their texting record over the past month.

According to him Mayweather thinks the fight can potentially be as big as his bout with Conor McGregor maybe even bigger. He thinks he can easily take down Khabib and claim another huge paycheck.

Money has been a key motivator in Mayweather’s career and his recent exhibition against Tenshin Nasukawa is a proof of that. The fight was no contest at all as Mayweather easily destroyed the Japanese kickboxer and won millions of dollars in the process.

However Khabib’s agent has warned Mayweather that his client is far stronger than Mc Gregor who lasted eleven rounds against him. He has also reminded Mayweather to factor in the fact that Khabib is over 10 years younger than him and fighting him would be no easy task.

Khabib v McGregor II

The chapter between the two is not close yet. It can’t be after that infamous brawl in which Khabib gave in to the provocation by McGregor and his team and launched an attack on them. Both parties have unfinished business with each other and news that there will be another fight between the two in 2019 took the MMA world by storm.

This puts massive questions over whether the Khabib vs Mayweather fight will happen. Dana Whites has outright rejected the idea of a boxing match. He will only consider it if it is in MMA.

Meanwhile Khabib’s agent is adding fuel to the fire by saying that Mayweather can’t fight. He said the Floyd Mayweather is an athlete not a fighter. According to him Boxing rules allow him to defend himself, but there are no such rules in MMA and he knows he can’t compete with Khabib in MMA.

A lot of things will have to fall into place for the fight to happen. However, there is no doubt it will be a historic fight if and when it does.