Jon Jones’s drug tests over the past few months raise more questions

The entire Jon Jones UFC 232 ‘atypical’ drug test mess just keeps getting weirder. According to Shaheen Al-Shatti of this is not the first test Jones popped positive for turinabol metabolites in recent months.

That’s right folks. Apparently between September 21st and November 14th no metabolites were present but in December they randomly resurfaced?

For those of you who don’t know the explanation the UFC is selling for the ‘atypical’ drug test in question it’s basically herpes for steroids. If you use a PED you may have metabolites appearing in future testing due to an effect called ‘pulsing’. It’s all very suspect but that’s what they are going with.

The moving of UFC 232 to California from Nevada has only sparked more conspiracy theorists to claim it’s all a giant cover up. I mean, when you have infamous cheating cyclist Lance Armstrong calling you out it’s bad.

Simply put – USADA makes up the rules as they go along. #fact” – Lance Armstrong