Man we love Daniel Cormier. The champ-champ has been doubted his entire career because while he has the pedigree he doesn’t have the physique that screams “I’m a fighter”. His build is nestled somewhere between Randy Couture and Roy Nelson. Randy Nelson. Randy Roy Nelson.

When it was announced that DC had an impending bout with monster Brock Lesnar people weren’t comparing their physiques at first, they were comparing records. Cormier captured the light heavyweight belt and later snagged the heavyweight title earning him the right to wear them simultaneously. Lesnar on the other hand is 0-2-1 and for the life of us and the rest of the MMA world we ask…how does that warrant a title shot?

It doesn’t. This is a reward for all Daniel Cormier has given to the UFC and being a company man. A fight with Brock is a big payday for what could potentially be Cormier’s last bout – unless he stays for a third fight with Jon Jones. He hasn’t made his decision public yet so we will all have to wait and see if this fight will be his swan song.

One thing that is clear is the slimming down of Lesnar. It is noticeable to anyone who has been watching WWE and UFC for a few years that he is shrinking. The probable reason is that Brock’s last win against Mark Hunt was overturned and ruled a no contest after he tested positive for Clomiphene. Now that he is back in the USADA testing cycle again we are certain he is playing it as straight, or more likely as careful as he can because they are going to be focusing on him more than they will be anyone else at the event he appears on. Thus the reason for the loss of muscle mass in our opinion.

Cormier has given his certified clean stamp to Lesnar by the simple use of super eyesight. Here’s what he said about it to Jim Rome (via MMAmania).

When I look at Brock and I see him now and he’s competing in the WWE and being under the USADA testing program, I see the differences in him. You look at Brock Lesnar today as opposed to when he came back at UFC 200, he looks like a completely different person. He’s smaller physically, his face looks a lot smaller, there’s just a lot of differences in him so if I am to believe my eyes, then it tells me that he’s being tested and he’s being tested a lot.

What do you think? Will Brock test clean for his fight with Cormer or will he fail yet again?

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