If you have plans to begin training in boxing and want to test your might under the bright lights in the ring, you’re going to need some essential gear. Getting into a bout or training with the wrong gear, or none at all, could end very badly for you. With these pieces of gear, you can be well on your way to getting in the ring.

Boxing Trunks

What did you think you were going to box in? Some jeans? A set of trunks specifically for boxing will be one of the first things you need. The main thing you are looking for here is comfortability in how they feel when moving around the ring. If they are too long you could run this risk of getting caught up within them. Too short or tight, though, and they can severely hinder your agility and quickness as you move. You must find the sweet spot fit for you that maximizes your ability to maneuver.

Boxing Gloves and Hand Wraps

Unless you want to take up some bare-knuckle brawling, you have to pick up some of the most famous and essential equipment you need. i.e. some boxing gloves. Gloves come in different weights and sizes so you have to find the ones that fit what you are doing; whether that be training on the bag, sparring or in an actual fight. Not only the gloves, but you need to grab some hand wraps as well, which are made specifically to protect your hands from the hard blows you will be throwing and defending from. They also serve the purpose of keeping your hands in place while they’re in the gloves and also soaking up sweat.

Punching Bag

There’s nothing quite like coming home from a stressful day in the world, and releasing all your frustrations on an object made exactly for that. If that sounds like something you need, you must get your hands on a punching bag. You can go for the hanging swivel mounted type, or the freestanding models. Hanging bags are good for you to have a moving target, but too light of a weight will have it swinging violently, and heavier weights put a lot of stress on your body. Standing bags are more sturdy so you can throw more direct hits and make your knuckles more battle tested. What bag you get relies solely on your goals as a boxer.

Jump Rope

Yes, one simple piece of plastic rope is a piece of gear you need. It’s one of the staples in boxing when it comes to building endurance, while at the same time building muscle in your arms. Jump ropes are great because they don’t put too much stress on your legs. When people think Boxing, the hands come to mind at first. The feet are just as important. Putting the jump rope to use builds up your footwork and gives you more precise timing. Jump ropes come in all different weights and there is a such a variety of movements and techniques, you are sure to find one that is suited to your needs.

Boxing Shoes

Like mentioned before, your feet are at use pretty much the entire time when you boxing. That being the case you should definitely invest in some quality boxing shoes. It is important to have a pair that are comfortable and feel like they are custom made for your feet. Buying the right pair of shoes is not as easy as you think. Explore top brands, go through online reviews and see what other people saying. Here’s a good resource that talks about the some of the best boxing shoes available:


The ideal pair of boxing shoes will be sturdy, but lightweight enough so as to not limit that footwork you have been cultivating. The grip that they have allow you to stay balanced in the ring without sacrificing any quickness. You don’t have to spend a ton on shoes when you are just starting. Just find some that are quality made and that fulfill your needs.

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