When WWE’s former company face John Cena and actor Matthew McConaughey were on The Graham Norton Show together you knew wrestling had to be one of the topics. Guests on the program typically interact with each other and say some genuinely funny thing and these two were no exception. Cena started talking about his awful ‘Prototype’ gimmick and then Matthew started chiming in (via lordsofpain.net).

CENA: It was awful. My first try was the Prototype which was half-man and half-machine & 100% crap. I used this ability to talk rather monotone and would say things authoritative and just when I said I’d kick your ass at the fairgrounds on Sunday I would rewind it and say it again for you [demonstrates].

MCCONAUGHEY: It didn’t work?

CENA: [flabbergasted] No!

Matthew: I’m in.

McConaughey started discussing being a hardcore wrestling fan and it was awesome.

Matthew: I got kicked out of Hirsch Coliseum in Shrevport for pelting Skandor Akbar with a bag of tomatoes from the eighth row.

CENA: Skandor Akbar was a man dressed as a sheik that used to throw fire.

Matthew: Yes and he managed King Kong Bundy. He was like 484 lbs. And remember The Missing Link from Parts Unknown.

CENA: Remember the green face? Spit green mist?

GRAHAM NORTON: They sound really good!

CENA: Yeah! Entertaining….and I’m John Cena.

Check out the video below:

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