Anderson Silva calls out ‘lucky’ GSP for only taking ‘easy’ fights

Future hall of famer and former UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva spoke with ESPN recently about what led up to his fight agreement with undefeated Israel Adesanya at UFC 234. No matter that the odds sit right now in Israel’s favor we do not disagree with Anderson’s final choice because Dana reportedly told him that a title shot was next for him should he win. The could-have-been opponents are pretty interesting when you hear what Silva had to say.

At first, I talked to Dana about a fight with McGregor, because McGregor challenged me,. Maybe that will be my second fight after this layoff. We’ll see.

Conor McGregor would fight an army if he could so this fight has a better chance to be made than you think. However, the Anderson bout fans have been asking for since they both reigned over their divisions was with Georges St. Pierre. The former welterweight and middleweight champion never seemed to have any real interest in a bout with Silva and he thinks he knows why.

That’s an interesting fight, but Georges has never come to accept the challenge. Georges just runs, runs, runs. It’s crazy. I do not think Georges wants the fight, but that’s OK. I respect Georges. He is a great fighter. Maybe he just has a different view — to take easy fights. That’s not me. I like to take the big challenges in my life.

Georges is very lucky and very smart. He never goes to take a fight if it’s not easy. That’s the point. Georges, for me, is a great fighter, but he never takes the real challenges in life. That’s my opinion. I respect him, but that’s my opinion.

Anderson is coming off a USADA suspension and at 43 years of age the Adesanya bout may be a do or die. We wonder if fans on social media will be as ruthless to Anderson as they were to Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz…