Jones said a 4 year ban would have sent him elsewhere

Just a short time ago a four year ban was a real possibility for former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. With his past history of substance abuse and troubles with USADA he was facing a potentially career damaging extended period of time away from MMA. He knocked out champion Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 but it was revealed soon after that he failed a drug test for the relatively expensive PED Turinabol. It was a dark day for Jones fans.

In September we found that his suspension was reduced down to 15 months retroactive to July 2017. This freed him up for the rematch with Alexander Gustafsson just around the corner at UFC 232. What we didn’t know was that UFC fans almost lost Jon for good if he had gotten the 4 year suspension. Here’s what he said (via MMAmania).

I was facing a four-year suspension and that was devastating. I had to really re-evaluate a lot of things such as what I think of the sport or fighting overseas. Who am I outside of the sport? It was a major learning experience for me to go through something like what I just got out of.”

I would’ve moved on. I would’ve probably talked to UFC about getting out of my contract and fighting overseas. I feel like a lot of organizations would be happy to have me. I think they would paid me pretty well. Definitely not the money I get paid in UFC, but I felt like where I would move I would be on of their top priorities and treated well.

What do you think of that? Jon could have ended up in ONE or Bellator. Again, 2018 had a lot of alternate universe potential.

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