Chael Sonnen discusses the Chuck vs Tito ‘disaster’

Last night we witnessed a bittersweet ending to the long rivalry between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. It happened under Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy banner as the main event of their first MMA offering. We knew it was going to be a freak show but we watched anyway because we felt obligated to support the two legends in what was surely their last fight.

Chuck moved so slowly that he looked like he had chains on his appendages. Tito quickly picked up on this and started taunting him with confidence by dropping his hands and inviting him in to exchange. After swinging a few times at where Tito was seconds ago we saw something Ortiz fans waited over a decade for. Chuck Liddell laying unconscious on the mat with the ‘Huntington Beach Bad Boy’ standing tall after pantomiming digging his opponent’s grave. It was exciting and saddening at the same time because Tito finally got to be on the opposite end of a knockout in one of their fights. For Chuck fans it was probably the last time they would see the legend put on a pair of 4oz gloves. We’re okay with that.

There have been lots of articles with their hot take critiques and some were just plain venomous. Chael Sonnen knows both men personally and he gave his own honest take on the fight going as far as calling it a ‘disaster’. It might have been but nostalgia goggles and member berries partially blinded us to it. Check out what Mr. Sonnen said about it.