Nasukawa says he is still kickboxing Mayweather without kicks, so boxing?

To no one’s surprise the fight between kickboxing standout Tenshin Nasukawa and Floyd Mayweather Jr will have special rules. Take a guess what they are. Yep. No kicking meaning Floyd still hasn’t backed up his claims he would fight in any kind of mixed rules bout. It’s another boxing match with someone primarily not a boxer.

After it was announced that RIZIN would host a December 31st fight between Mayweather and Nasukawa we were all excited. Then Floyd said it was a miscommunication between he and the organization and the conditions for the fight were different than he was originally told. Floyd is the master of manipulation when it comes to self promotion and after getting the initial press, the coverage of his claiming it was off, and now the news that it is back on he has been a headline three times. Genius.

Here’s how we found out it was back on and the new rules. It was this Instagram post from Tenshin.

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僕に出来ることは格闘界を盛り上げることだと思います。 自分の人生の中で最大の出来事が現実になりました。 年末RIZINのリングでメイウェザーと戦うことになりました。 皆さんもビックリしていると思いますが僕もそうです。 こんなことは人生で二度とないと思います。 僕にはボクサーには無いタイミングのパンチがあります。 階級も違いますが、今の僕には関係ないです。 世界で誰も成し得なかった初めてメイウェザーをKOします。 僕は自分のこの拳で世界を変えます。 みなさん期待していてください。 #RIZIN14 #cygames #mayweather #tenshinnasukawa #チームで勝つ #平成最後 #大晦日

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So what do you think? Will this actually happen and if it does – who wins?

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