Remember the behemoth Brock Lesnar that showed up to the UFC in 2008 and after just a couple of fights won the heavyweight title against Randy Couture? Well, that guy who looked like he could have been on some super-powered HGH no longer exists.

Following his 2016 suspension from MMA for anti-estrogen drugs Lesnar has been busy in the WWE. But now with an expected return date to the octagon in early 2019 and after re-entering the drug testing pool this past July Lesnar has noticeably lost some of that mass he was so famous for.

It is quite evident in this footage from WWE’s Crown Jewel event that took place over the weekend in Saudi Arabia.

Lesnar is supposed to challenge champion Daniel Cormier for the UFC heavyweight title upon his return though an official date has not yet been announced. Lesnar confronted Cormier in the octagon after he won the title from Stipe Miocic back in July.

A large part of what made Lesnar so dangerous in MMA was his massive size and power. It seems he won’t be enjoying quite the same advantage he once had upon his return. Either way, his chances against the double champ Cormier are slim to none and everyone knows this fight is just to sell tickets and pay-per-view buys. No one in their right mind is giving Lesnar a chance against the double champ.

Lesnar from Crown Jewel 2018:

Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel 2018 | photo credit: WWE

Lesnar from March 2015:

Brock Lesnar in March 2015 | Photo credit: By Miguel Discart

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