VIDEO: Scott Hall buries Virgil to his face for convention merchandise sales

Remember Virgil? He was Ted Dibiase’s bodyguard in WWE in the 1980’s, eventually turning on him and enjoying a brief bit of popularity and fame. He would later appear in WCW in the 90’s as Vincent with the NWO. Since then he has become a meme as ‘lonely Virgil’  with an entire website devoted to pictures of him sitting with no one in line at his tables.

He has been criticized for  advertising his appearances as “The Million Dollar Man and Virgil”  knowing full well that DiBiase had no intention of ever showing up.  At best that is misleading and he has only gotten backlash for it.

Scott Hall was at a convention recently and came across Virgil who was selling merchandise not specifically of him.  This is considered a no no or at least bad form for other wrestlers to profit off of someone else’s likeness.  He called him out for it in Scott Hall style. Check it out.

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