Shocking footage of Stephan Bonnar DUI arrest surfaces

As previously reported UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar was arrested on Sunday for felony DUI charges in Nevada. After speeding and driving recklessly on I-15 a group of concerned citizens surrounded Bonnar’s car and detained him until police arrived. Once the police arrived they tried to place Bonnar in handcuffs while he was apparently passed out at the wheel. Bonnar woke up and in the video appears to resist and the cops are forced to wrangle him to the ground.

Witness Katie Dyer, 29 said: “If nobody had stopped him I think he would be dead. He was going to hit something, whether it was a car or a wall, and another person could have died.”

A report from KTNV states that Bonnar has had two previous DUI arrests, one in April 2015 and another in June 2016, and it also states he had a criminal history of battery and domestic battery charges.

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