Yes we realize the irony of this article’s title.

Conor McGregor took to Instagram to dissect what he did right and more importantly what he did wrong in his lopsided loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov. Fair play. Then the Irishman said what most were hoping he wouldn’t when he made it clear that he wanted an immediate rematch. Please no.

The breakdown he gave was well thought out and he made some good points. Of course the negativity in the comments proved once again that social media really does bring the worst out of some people. Just saying. He wasn’t phased by the haters but maybe he was triggered when Khabib posted his response. During their bout at UFC 229 Conor tried to reason with Nurmagomedov a few times saying, “It’s only business”. So what did the Russian provide as his response to Conor’s post?

It’s only business

If we had a gif of a bunch of middle school kids reacting to a mildly clever rap battle dis on the playground we would post it. Well played, Khabib.

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