Weidman and Rockhold odds are closer than expected

Back at UFC 194 Luke Rockhold knocked out then middleweight champion Chris Weidman to take his title making Luke one of a select group of fighters to hold a belt in multiple major organizations along with names like Eddie Alvarez (Bellator and UFC), Ronda Rousey (Strikeforce and UFC, and Anthony Pettis (UFC and WEC). He would lose the belt to Michael Bisping via KO and since then he has been called out by Weidman repeatedly for a rematch.

Luke lost a bout to Yoel Romero by KO back in February in a title eliminator and Weidman has struggled going just 1-2 in his last 3. Both fighters need a win to stay relevant in an already crowded 185 pound division adding real weight to their clash in terms of positioning. The pair will go to war at UFC 230 on November 3rd in New York’s Madison Square Garden.

The best odds for the bout according Oddsshark are:

Rockhold -145

Weidman +125

One would assume that the odds are in Luke’s favor given that he won the first clash and relatively close given their recent performances.

What do you think of these odds?


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