UFC 230 has had so many rumored main events that we can’t keep up.

First it was officially Nate Diaz vs Dustin Poirier and then it was Jon Jones returning, and then, and then, and then. Stipe Miocic even claims that he was refused a rematch with Daniel Cormier despite his persistence. The latest and probably most unrealistic match-up is Light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Cormier vs ‘Hot Balls’ Derrick Lewis. Derrick just fought at UFC 229 on Saturday and would probably not be recovered enough to step back in to The Octagon.

Cormier is coming off of a KO win over the man who broke the record for the most UFC heavyweight title defenses in Stipe Miocic. Lewis just knocked out Alexander Volkov with 11 seconds to go in a fight he was losing. Sportsbook has a line that may stick for this potential bout. Check it out:

Cormier -800
Lewis +575

What do you think the odds of this fight actually happening are? If it does go down what do you think of these odds?

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