Following a 9-second knockout victory to claim the heavyweight title at Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 3 in February, and two more knockout victories since then, Nashville’s Sammy Walker will return to action at his regular weight class on Oct. 20 to challenge Kyle Lee for the JICFC middleweight title. Pro MMA Now caught up with Sammy to get his thoughts on that heavyweight title victory and find out what he thinks about his upcoming opponent.

I hear you’re based out of the respected Warrior’s Den gym in Dickson Tennessee. Can you tell us what it’s like to train there?

Warrior’s Den is a great gym, we have a lot of great fighters and great coaches that push us to the limit every practice.

You moved up to heavyweight to Capture the JICFC heavyweight title at JICFC 3, do you have plans to defend that title or are you back to middleweight for good?

I doubt I go back to heavyweight, I’ll probably stay at middleweight because that’s where I’ll be fighting on the pro level.

Can you walk us through your fight with Chase McMullen?

I knew he would be a lot slower than me and felt I was better everywhere than he was, set him up to bait on the jab and caught him with a straight right.

What do you think about Kyle Lee, his strengths and weaknesses?

Kyle seems like a pretty good fighter. Seems to be in shape and confident within himself. Weakness I don’t really know it’s hard to tell a person’s weakness until you get inside the cage with them.

Do you think the opponents you have faced were tougher than what Lee has faced during his career so far?

That’s hard to say, I mean every fight is different and plus it’s a fight so whether they’re harder or easier you still have to win them.

How do you see your title fight playing out October 20th?

It should be a interesting fight, the better man that night will win.

How did you get your start in MMA?

A few years back went up the Warriors Den just to kickbox, started training with the fighters and wanted to try it out because I had a wrestling background and been fighting ever since then.

What is life like for you outside the cage?

I’m always training, working, and working on music and my future business I’m trying to build up.

Any final words or shout-outs?

Shoutout to my team for helping me become better each day and everyone that supports me.

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