You would think the insane press conference the UFC held for Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov’s main event clash at UFC 229 might have helped the Irishman in the eyes of the odds makers.


The latest odds are still solidly in Khabib’s corner with most looking somewhere in the range of:

Conor McGregor +137

Khabib Nurmagomedov -165

Despite Conor previously holding the featherweight and lightweight titles simultaneously and crushing his foes in style along the way it appears his absence from the Octagon may have spooked odds makers a bit.

McGregor went off and fought and lost to the best boxer in the world Floyd Mayweather Jr and is returning to face the best lightweight in the UFC in Nurmagomedov.

Maybe the guys creating the betting lines are on to something. Neither of these tasks are even close to easy for anyone even Conor to conquer.Khabib is the record holder for most takedown in a single fight with over 20.

The majority of McGregor critics agree that Nurmagomedov has his number in the grappling department and being honest we agree that he probably does – easily. Can Khabib avoid the Irishman’s cannon of a left hand long enough to rag doll him though?

Saturday we will find out if the odds makers and fans were right about things. What do you think?

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