The UFC’s biggest star Conor McGregor returns to action this coming weekend as he challenges Khabib Nurmagomedov for his lightweight title in the UFC 229 main event. It’s been two years since McGregor has fought inside the octagon and he’s itching to get back in there. Being stripped of two titles and having potential fights against Frankie Edgar, Max Holloway and Rafael dos Anjos fall though caused the Irishman to admittedly fall out of love with fighting for a time. But now he’s back and this time it’s personal.

“I’m here for the love of this game, love for competition. I fell out of love with the game for a bit. I went off and did my own thing, had many things going on, now I’m back. I’m hungry to compete and we’re here, right on the cusp of it, making weight and handling media obligations, and that’s it. … The fans have just missed me compete, like I have missed me compete also. We all get what we want on October 6th: McGregor back inside the famous UFC Octagon.”

Conor says if Khabib pulls out of this fight at UFC 229 he would be willing to fight Tony Ferguson or Anthony Pettis on short notice. However, he also says he’s prepared to go five rounds with Khabib and plans to turn him into a bobble-head in there. McGregor hasn’t done any media tour or much media at all leading up to this fight. Check out the first in-depth interview ahead of UFC 229 he did with The Mac Life.

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