By now you should have heard all of the hub bub between Dana White, Nate Diaz, and Dustin Poirier. It centers around tweets that Nate and Dustin shared claiming they were fighting for a new UFC 165 pound division title at UFC 230 in the main event and Dana White’s prompt kibosh of the notion.

To their credit it seemed legit enough because there has always been talk of increasing the number of divisions to attract more fighters, promote more champions, and most importantly make weight cutting less difficult. Would anyone really care if it meant healthier fighters and more weight divisions for them to compete at?

To the point at hand. Nate Diaz posted this Stockton 209 worthy post looking like he’s about to dish out some Stockton slaps…

Nothing too out of the ordinary there. Then Ben Askren comes out of nowhere and crushes him with this response.

Talk about poking a snake. This very well could be the kind of talk that finally brings Askren in to the UFC and what a debut it would be. Imagine how many middle fingers that would fly from the Diaz corner at Ben after this tweet.

Would you like to see this fight?

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