MMA legend Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto announced via Instagram on August 26, 2018 that he was fighting cancer. Unfortunately, the legend lost the battle and the news of his passing has quickly spread throughout the MMA community.

Kid was respected and at one point considered one of the best lightweights in the world. He was small for the division but he fearlessly fought like he was the biggest guy in the ring.

He has beaten Genki Sudo, Royler Gracie, Caul Uno, and Jeff Curran. He fought Demetrious Johnson and lost via decision at UFC 126 which was his highest profile bout in the company. He would go on to lose to Vaughan Lee and his final fight in the company and MMA was with Roman Salazar which ended in a no contest when Salazar received an accidental eye poke.

We wish we did not have to report this news and our thoughts are with his family and friends.


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