We’ve seen late stoppages in MMA plenty of times but this one that occurred by referee Herb Dean today at UFC Moscow has to be one of the most egregious that I can remember. Let me ask you this Herb Dean, at what point did it become completely obvious that CB Dolloway should take no more punishment from short-notice opponent Khalid Murtazaliev and wanted out of this fight? We would argue it was when he turns over to lay face down completely covering up offering no resistance whatsoever. That seems logical right? However, referee Herb Dean continued to let the poor guy get pummeled with unanswered shots for another good 25 seconds as the UFC commentary crew loses their minds. If anyone has a legitimate defense as to why Herb Dean let this fight go on, we would love to hear it. Go right ahead and try and prove us wrong on this.

Is this the worst late stoppage in UFC history? And by late we mean after the freaking round ended and Herb tells CB he has to stand up or he’s calling the fight… Uh the round is over now, that call should have came at least 30 seconds ago.

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