The first time Chuck Liddell fought Tito Ortiz we got one round of hype and then one with an eye poke and a furious flurry of fists that put Tito on his butt. In the second we got a much more confident Ortiz and after winning the second round he found himself on his butt again in the third via Chuck’s fury. So the trilogy shouldn’t happen right?


Golden Boy says you need it so you’re getting it on November 24, 2018 in Los Angeles. You can’t argue that it’s money driving this fight and more importantly it’s Golden Boy telling Dana White to put up or shut up. Dana once boasted that the UFC was going to be putting on boxing events and signing big named boxers to compete. Oscar De La Hoya just put up and made this event a reality so let’s go Dana. The ball is in your court.

You would also think Chuck would be the odds on favorite for this bout.


Check these bad boys out…

  • Chuck Liddell +190
  • Tito Ortiz -240

What do you think of these odds and will you watch the event?

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