Former interim champion Colby Covington is known for having Chael Sonnen levels of trash talk ability. His favorite target is current welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in case you have been living in a cave and missed all of it. Woodley defended his title at UFC 228 by submitting Darren Till in the second round proving the Till hype train was just hype after all. Surprisingly Mr. Covington gave what we think is a half compliment for his victory via Twitter and we even had a warm fuzzy for a millisecond until we saw the immediate call out.

@Twooodley Tyrone! You didn’t blow it!!! Time for you to come see me in @TheGarden. America’s Champ has another promise to keep. #ufc228 #thepeopleschamp #greatamericanwinningmachine”

Then he took to Instagram to let the words fly at the champ along with some pro Donald Trump hash tags.

Usually I don’t have to say much to trigger these soy boy snowflakes, but I am just talking to you Tyrone @TWooodley. Congrats on securing your number 1 contender spot by beating the biggest hype train since that other cross eyed goof that wondered across the pond from the UK. You believe you’re a rapper, the welterweight goat, a entertainment reporter and an actor, but all of that will be sacrificed when I crush you in The Garden in front of the world. #AndStill#GreatAmericanWinningMachine #MAGA#Trump2020 #PeoplesChamp#AmericasChamp

Who takes this bout and how?


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