Do we really need a Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz 3? Some say yes, most say no, but everyone should know that it is now confirmed.

On November 24th we will see the pair of former UFC light heavyweight champions clash under the Golden Boy banner. The two previous fights ended the same with Tito half unconscious on the mat. It most likely will end the same if Tito isn’t going to take this seriously, but we don’t think that’s going to happen.

In the previous two fights Tito did not accomplish his mission of taking Chuck down and holding him there, and surprisingly, he beat Chuck to the punch in round two of their second bout with some giving him the round. However, this time with his chin no longer granite we may see Liddell’s legacy tarnished forever if Tito connects with a half-decent strike. That’s what is most likely going to happen.

When Tito fought Chuck for the first time he seemed scared and unsure. In the second bout he seemed more confident but Chuck had not received the chinks in his armor so he still had some of the “Iceman” mystique left. When he had that he was nearly invincible. This time, Ortiz has seen Chuck counting the lights on multiple occasions with two of them seeing him in a near coma state lying on the floor. His confidence will be higher than it ever was that he can finish Liddell. Truthfully, it very well could happen.

Chuck hasn’t fought since 2010 whereas Ortiz has been very active including fighting for the Bellator light heavyweight title. Tito beat Chael Sonnen by submission in their much hyped Bellator clash in 2017 in his last fight meaning it’s been over a year since he last competed. He definitely has the least ring rust coming in to this bout and he just beat a guy who beat Shogun Rua, Michael Bisping, Rampage Jackson, and Wanderlei Silva. On the flip side, Chuck went 1-5 in his last 6 bouts with 4 of those being knockouts and the other one being a loss to Keith Jardine….Jardine.

On November 24th The Forum in Inglewood, California we will see these two relics try to kill each other.

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