Mayweather jabs McGregor for not training in his gym gets meme slapped

Floyd Mayweather Jr needed to be back in the spotlight so how does he try and do it? Go on. Take a guess. If you guessed take a shot at Conor McGregor you get an internet cookie and should pat yourself on the back.

Conor turned down the offer and of course Floyd was butt hurt so he posted a picture of him getting the better of the Irishman when they fought in August of 2017. Here’s the post with a stab at McGregor being an ‘easy’ opponent.


Reminder to you Mr. Mayweather that Conor was making his boxing debut and had you in trouble at one point. Just saying that you should show the Irishman respect and recognize that Conor with twenty plus boxing bouts on his resume may have given you the first KO loss of your career.

Then someone clapped back at Mayweather with this brilliant meme. Thanks to MMAmania for finding this.

As Floyd Mayweather fades in to a Wikipedia page reference the star of Conor McGregor is shining brightly.

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