There’s a lot of things you could pray about in this world. You could pray for a sick friend. You could pray for a down and out family member. You could pray for the families in Syria who had to flee their country due to war. Or if you take Coach John Kavanagh‘s advice you could pray for the UFC because they didn’t send anyone to pick him up from the airport in Las Vegas and therefore must be on hard times.

To be fair Coach Kavanagh did delete the tweet but not before of course it got captured by the interwebs. Kavanagh is the one who helped lead Conor McGregor to two UFC championship titles in two different weight classes and coached him into becoming the highest paid MMA fighter of all time. Maybe he got used to living high on the hog with that McGregor money?

Kavanagh has two up and coming fighters from his SBG Ireland gym making their UFC debuts this weekend on the TUF 27 Finale card, and even though he said he paid for his own flight and hotel to corner them, he for sure thought the UFC could at least taxi him from the airport to his hotel. Guess not. How much does a cab cost these days anyway? We’re sure he made it just fine. Hang in there coach.

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