Reports of GSPWeather?

If you haven’t heard it already there is some serious talk about Georges St. Pierre fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. – at least in GSP’s camp. His man with the plan Fires Zahabi is trying to talk GSP in to pursuing the bout but trust me when I say no one is that interested in MMA vs. Mayweather this time around. Even Joe Rogan was skeptical on his podcast when Fires brought it up. Check out what Zahabi said (via MMAMania)…

I want Georges to fight Mayweather. I keep bothering Georges, ‘You fight Mayweather. You fight him.’ He’s like, ‘It’s crazy.’ I know it’s crazy. They’ll fight at a catchweight. Do you think Mayweather is worried that he’s going to be concussed? He’s fought all the top punchers in the world. He’s just going to have to worry about Georges’ volume and reach, but he can handle himself, and Georges can handle himself. But the whole world is going to tune into that one.

What? No please. We had one freak show between Conor McGregor and Mayweather and we really don’t need another one. Georges please fight someone in the UFC and give us one more big one.