Interim welterweight champion Colby Covington is at it again. This time his ire is directed at welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and their previous sparring sessions namely one that he says he tore Woodley up in. Here’s what he told Damon Martin of MMAWeekly…

This was three years ago in 2015 when I wasn’t even half the fighter I am now. I’m a completely different fighter now. I’m younger and I’ve only gotten better. He’s older and he’s living up his Hollywood gimmick, so he’s a lot dumber. Those training sessions were pretty easy for me. The first round, just put a pace on him — that porn star pace with all my chicks in the bedroom that I’m keeping every night — I’d take that first round and put a lot of pressure on him. Put him inside the clinch just walk him down and make him fight. Literally, all he has is a right hand. He’s so predictable.

By the second round he was so winded he say, ‘I’m not doing anymore.’ We were supposed to do five rounds and he said, ‘nope, I’m done today.’ He doesn’t have anything. He has a lot of muscles and it takes a lot of oxygen to feed those muscles. He’s an easy match for me. My pace will just melt him. That’s why [Rafael dos Anjos] was my toughest fight, because he has very good cardio and he’s very well rounded. RDA’s the second best fighter in the welterweight division behind me, cause I’m the best. Tyron Woodley is probably third or fourth. It’s going to be an easy fight when I finally get my hands on Tyron Woodley.

This unification bout should be fireworks when it happens.

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