WWE star Rusev apparently had a rough experience at a hotel in Tennessee recently. He claims to have had items stolen from his Memphis hotel room when they were out despite having a do not disturb sign on the door. In the past many stars have shared horror stories about theft and claims that some employees choose hotels to work at where stars are known to frequent. In reality it isn’t that uncommon and happens more than you think. Just ask one of your UFC fighter friends. Trust me. Here’s what he posted on Twitter…

Thank you @sheratonhotels Memphis for “cleaning” the room and stealing my wife camera and my money from my wallet.

The hotel put Rusev and media on hold when they called according to reports and then simply said “no comment” and hung up after a long period of waiting.

Paige also backed the star up…

If you’re in the Memphis area don’t EVER stay at the @SheratonMemphis it’s literally the worst. Things stolen, bad customer service and room service takes two hours just for a salad and WE are the inconvenience. Ugh. The worst.

Sounds like motel hell.

By Sean McClure

Sean McClure was the AFL marketing Director. He also wrote for MaXfighting and BJPenn before finding his true home at PMN. He is a retired ring announcer and former sparring partner to many mixed martial artists.

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