Covington says Dos Anjos was greasy

Colby Covington may have defeated Rafael Dos Anjos for the interim welterweight championship last Saturday at UFC 225 but he’s not content with just wearing the belt. Now he wants Rafael Dos Anjos to go down for greasing. When he spoke with BJPenn Radio he was pretty clear that Dos Anjos was greased up – in his opinion – and that’s why he couldn’t take him down at will. Here’s what he said…

I was gonna take him down and beat him up, but my takedowns weren’t as effective because he was definitely greasing. He was 100-percent greased. Usually, when I get those bodylocks behind you there’s no way to slip out, but I could feel him slip out, you know. He’s just another filthy animal, cheater greaser. I think before the fight he was putting on the coconut butter – whatever they do – and then the baby oil. He was definitely doing it. I tried a couple of shots on his legs and literally my hands slipped from up on top of his leg and he was able to like slither on through.

Unlike GSP who was clearly caught on camera having Vaseline rubbed on his back during a break between rounds when he fought BJ Penn there is no evidence that Rafael was greased up so take it with a grain of salt. Nothing will come of this most likely but Covington will probably never let it drop. Ever.