How To Bet On Mixed Martial Arts (UFC)

Thanks to the huge success of the UFC, mixed martial arts has become extremely popular all over the world. This brutal sports that were once banned from our screens has become mainstream and now MMA stars such as Conor McGregor as known worldwide. It is not just watching MMA that is on the rise as it attracts huge amounts of money gambled on the outcome of fights. If you fancy on a punt on an MMA match up, it can be difficult to understand how to place a bet if you have not used bookmakers before. In this article, I will talk about the different aspect you need to be aware of so that you have the best chance of winning.

#1 Know The Rules

Before betting on any sport it is vital that you fully understand all of the rules involved. In the UFC bouts last for five minutes each round with three rounds in total. For championship fights, there are an additional two rounds and the outcome is decided by the fighter who managed to stop the other from competing such as a knockout or submission. If you want to know more about MMA betting this place is an excellent resource.

#2 MMA Betting Markets

Before any major UFC or MMA event takes place, bookmakers will offer odds to the general public for each fight that takes place. These money lines will move up and down depending on the level of interest they receive. There are many different betting options that punters can choose such as total rounds and outright winner.

One of the most common bet types in the UFC is to bet on the number of rounds that the fight will last. Bookmakers set odds for this and punters can choose if they think one fighter will win or if it will go the distance.

#3 Fighting Styles

MMA is made up of a large number of disciplines such as Karate, Wrestling, and Boxing. It can have a major impact on the results depending on the two different fighter styles. When betting on the UFC it is important that you understand the style of the fighters involved so that you can attempt to make an accurate prediction of the outcome.

#4 Fighter Form

Before placing a bet on MMA there are many different factors you need to consider. One of the most important is a fighters form and record against the style that they are about to face. Certain fighter struggle against certain styles such as stand up fighters that like to stand and bang can struggle against wrestlers.


If you fancy placing a wager on the UFC or MMA fights it is important that you are able to stop value. Putting vast amounts of money on the favorite to win may not be the best option as the bookmaker has the edge over punters. The best option is to find bouts where shock results have a greater chance of happening. By doing this you will get much higher returns and as the UFC has shown us over the last 20 years, anyone can beat anyone on their day.

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