Many people believe that Darren Till is going to be the next biggest star in the UFC. He was a big underdog in his fight against Donald Cerrone but managed to dominate and finish him in the first round. It was an extremely impressive display but now he has to prove that it was not a fluke by beating the formidable Wonderboy Thompson at the weekend. One thing is for certain is that it will be the biggest test of his unbeaten UFC career so far and many fans will be using betting websites to back him. If he can get another impressive win, it will surely catapult him to stardom.

Till is by far one of the best strikers in the UFC and it will be interesting to see if he can land a knockout blow on Wonderboy. They are both experts at distance which will be the most intriguing part of the battle to see who gets the upper hand. It is Karate vs Muay Thai which is a battle that most fans of MMA cannot wait to see which discipline comes out on top.

Till is a very special talent full of confidence and will not get overwhelmed by the occasion. He will have the backing of his home crowd and has a left hand that can knock anyone out. If he is able to get close to Thompson and use his fierce elbows, it could be a very bloody night in the octagon. Both fighters like to keep it on the feet which adds to the excitement of what could be one of the most epic battles the UFC has seen.

Dana White is a huge fan of Till which is why he has put on an event in his hometown as the headliner to promote him. It is a big risk that the UFC is taking by putting 24-year-old Till in with one of the best in MMA. It will not be a disaster if he loses but will certainly derail his rise to stardom. If he does manage to pull it off though, it sets up a huge title fight against welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley.

Woodley is in desperate need of having an entertaining fight after his two boring encounters with Wonderboy. If he does face Till it will be a completely different fight and one that should get the fans excited. Till is never in a boring fight and will be able to push Woodley to the limit. The only risk is that Woodley takes him down and we have a bore fest on the floor.

Thompson is the favorite with the bookies to win the fight and is priced at around 8/13 with most bookmakers. Till is yet again the underdog priced at 13/10 which is sure to get a lot of money place on the Gorilla to win. UFC Fight Night 130 takes place on the 27th of May In Liverpool.

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