Bisping claims McGregor’s big announcement ruined by bus attack

Just before UFC 223 the now infamous McGregor bus attack happened and Michael Bisping claims it ruined a very surprising announcement by Conor. He said he is not allowed to say anything about it and we believe him since his name is not Chael P. Sonnen. Sorry, Chael we love you but you’re often full of BS. The Count is usually spot on so we are very curious what it was. … Was Conor going to fight Floyd Mayweather in the Octagon under modified rules as recent rumors have suggested? Was Conor supposed to take on the winner of Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson? Was the Notorious one going to announce his love of Froutakia? I guess we’ll never know…. Check out what Bisping has to say about it and let us know what the big announcement was in the comments.

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