Craziness ensued when Frankie Edgar gave an interview very recently stating he was back in the gym sparring.


Frankie is suspended by the NSAC for his knockout loss to Brian Ortega at UFC 222. The suspension specifically states he is to have no contact until April 3rd. – at all. After someone most likely told him that announcing he was breaking the suspension wasn’t smart – he retracted on Twitter…

In an interview I did this week I said I have been sparring. I just want to clarify that the sparring I’ve been doing did not include head shots and has been technical drilling sessions.

Yeah…not bright at all. The major concern for friends and fans is that he is coming back so soon. If he truly honors the suspension that means he won’t be light sparring with shots to the head until April 3rd and 15 days later he will be fighting full contact in The Octagon.

What do you think? Is it too soon? Will the NSAC pursue this misstep?

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