The insane way Conor McGregor is the lineal WWE Brawl for All champion

I’ve seen these lineal title lines before but this one warranted a write up. I do not take credit for this and I will include the video at the end so the originator can get the credit they deserve.

WWF Brawl for All was a poorly thought out tough man style event designed to get pro wrestler Dr. Death Steve Williams over with the crowd. Jim Ross couldn’t shut up for months about how much of a bad ass he actually was and how he was basically unbeatable. To be fair it was later revealed that bully JBL was the main reason for the event because he bragged about beating anyone in the locker room in a fight easily. He would say it loudly and to anyone who would listen. If you believe writer Vince Russo…

Moving on… The Brawl for all was won by “job guy” or enhancement talent Bart Gunn and he went on to Wrestlemania 15 to fight Butterbean. He got knocked out badly very quickly and his career was over. So, Butterbean was now the lineal Brawl for All champion.

Butterbean would be defeated by Genki Sudo who would defend the lineal title five times before he was defeated by Kid Yamamoto. With me so far?

Kid would defend it four times before he was defeated by Joe Warren in 2009. Warren would lose it to Bibiano Fernandes who lost it to Hiroyuki Takaya. Still with me?

Takaya would be defeated by Robbie Peralta. Akira Corassani would beat Peralta and he was now the lineal Brawl for All champion. Whew!

Dustin Poirier, yes that Dustin beat Akira and then along comes Conor McGregor. Conor would KO Poirier and defend it three times before losing to Nate Diaz. Stockton 209 what?! Diaz would lose it back to McGregor who technically still holds the title of lineal WWF Brawl for All champion.

So, basically championships find Conor instead of him seeking them out. Insane! Check out the video below.