Sometimes when a fighter comes back to the UFC they make a huge impact that cements their legacy as one of the best to ever step in to The Octagon or ruins it forever (Ken Shamrock). Today we take a look at those fighters who had faded from memory, or glory in the minds of UFC fans and then came roaring back.

#3 Andrei Arlovski

Arlovski was once one of the most feared fighters in the history of the heavyweight division. He beat people up in terrifying fashion even capturing the UFC heavyweight championship before losing it back to Tim Sylvia. After leaving the UFC he went on a depressing four fight losing streak getting knocked out in three of them and then – he was reborn. When he came back to the UFC he won four in a row and they were impressive. He won a decision over Brendan Schaub, knocked out Travis Browne, knocked out Bigfoot Silva, and then defeated Frank Mir by decision. He lost the next five but it was one of the most welcome returns in UFC history. He stopped the skid with a win over Justin Albini back in November, 2017. Well done, sir.

#2 Robbie Lawler

Nick Diaz – don’t be scared homie. After losing to Diaz back at UFC 47 in 2004 we have waited for that rematch. Dana White says Nick turned it down and we don’t blame him. Robbie Lawler came back to the UFC as a terminator. He won three in a row before losing in a bid to capture the title from Johny Hendricks in March of 2014. He was not to be deterred and worked his way back up to another shot. With a solid performance he claimed gold in a rematch with Johny in December of the same year. He is 9-3 since his return with knockouts over guys like Jake Ellenberger, Josh Koscheck, and Rory MacDonald. We’re still waiting Nick and like we said – don’t be scared homie.

#1 Randy Couture

Was there ever any doubt? Randy has comeback and shocked everyone more than once. Randy was always a solid fighter and he captured the UFC heavyweight championship early in his career but his record was 10-5 ending with a TKO loss to Josh Barnett and an elbow submission to Ricco Rodriguez. That was in September of 2002 and according to some accounts The Natural contemplated retirement but opted for a move down to light heavyweight instead. After light heavyweight champ Tito Ortiz refused to fight rightful contender Chuck Liddell, Randy stepped in and beat Liddell at UFC 43 and then promptly owned Ortiz on his behalf to take away Tito’s title. This made Randy one of the only men in UFC history to hold a title in two divisions. The icing on the cake was his return to the heavyweight division where he recaptured the title by outclassing Tim Sylvia. For the record, me and the guy in the seat next to me started the clock countdown chant. The place was electric and you could feel the energy as the fight got in to the later rounds and when Couture was announced the winner it was magic. He is truly the greatest comeback story in UFC history.


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