Impending change of command could restore WWE glory

I haven’t watched a RAW in ages. I was beyond frustrated with the awful gimmicks, story lines, and mishandling of potential stars. Plus, Roman Reigns being shoved down my throat over and over just pushed me over the edge so I shut it off. Now it seems we may be looking at a new age of wrestling with little Vince McMahon old age foolishness and potentially a John Cena Superman free world.

Triple H may be at the helm sooner than later thanks to Vince’s football aspirations coming back. With the XFL returning it means that someone has to take over the bulk of the creative and booking duties. It’s being reported that HHH is telling his NXT team to get ready to follow him to the main roster and we’re okay with that. Dave Meltzer reported this very recently and fans have been buzzing.

What do you think HHH can do with the current PG climate?

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