Rousey Wrestlemania purpose may doom her career before it begins

Ronda Rousey’s ink on her WWE contract may not have dried yet but her fate may be sealed. There is a growing belief and reports from reliable sources like Dave Meltzer that she could very well lose at this year’s Wrestlemania.

In a not so surprising move from the ego maniac filled McMahon family we are hearing that Rousey was not brought in to have a long and storied career. Nope. It is being reported that she is there to legitimize Stephanie McMahon and count the lights for her. The two are most likely meeting in the ring at “The Showcase of Immortals” where Stephanie winning is seen backstage as the perfect platform to put her in the mainstream spotlight instead of just the wrestling one.

If they brought her in to put fan hated Stephanie McMahon over we can see the fans rioting. What a shame if they sacrifice the most legitimate athlete in the female division just to feed egos…

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