WWE women on Twitter bitter about Rousey’s Royal Rumble focus

In case you missed it…Ronda Rousey made her debut at WWE Royal Rumble 2018 on Sunday. This was during an even that featured a 30 woman version of the Royal Rumble which was the first in history. Superstars like Nia Jax seemed bitter that the focus wasn’t on the competitors instead of Ronda. Nia tweeted:

Cool she’s here….I guess 30 women making history can just be forgotten https://twitter.com/wwe/status/958181355589742592 

The Bellas who are used to being the center of attention also tweeted:

Wonder what all the 30 other women candid thoughts were too? N https://twitter.com/wwe/status/957854766922481665 

Asuka won the women’s Royal Rumble but in the news Rousey won the night.

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