Nunes vs. Cyborg: It’s Nothing Personal

Amanda Nunes has nothing personal against Cris Cyborg Justino. No especial bone to pick, or quarrel to settle. She simply wants to fight, and would be delighted if she could battle someone of Cyborg’s calibre.

Cyborg, the current UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion, has been rather brusque with Nunes of late, and initially rejected the idea of the two of them ever competing in a superfight, as well as hinting that Nunes did not have much drawing power. To top it all off, Cyborg also disparaged one of Nunes’ coaches.

Nunes has taken the high road, however. Whilst hosting an open workout along with Nina Ansaroff at the UFC Gym located in Boston’s downtown, Nunes stated that it was all a part of the business, and she wouldn’t rule out her and Cyborg becoming friends and splitting a beer -after they finish fighting, of course.

Nunes Wants It, the UFC Wants It, but Does Cyborg?

Nunes is eager for the fight to happen, as is the UFC and the MMA fans and punters who enjoy the online betting NZ offers, and she thinks Cyborg wants it too. Nunes added that she is determined that the fight will be a good one.

Cyborg has since softened her initial negative position on the potential Nunes bout, and has stated that although her preference would be to battle a top contender for the Featherweight title, she would be willing to tackle Nunes instead, as long as the match formed part of a loaded-up UFC 217-styled major event.

Nunes is Down for It Whenever, Wherever

Upon hearing this, Nunes, who has stated that she has had no concrete indications from the UFC as to the likelihood of this fight happening, said that she is ready and willing, regardless of when and where the fight could be arranged. She added that she was eager to make sure it happened.

Nunes is Running Out of 135 Pound Challenges

Nunes clarified one aspect of the MMA she is battling with at the moment, however: she feels as if she is running out of reasonable opposition at the 135-pound mark. She has made short work of Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey thus far, beaten Valentina Shevchenko too, twice, and is now determined to gain two weight-class championships.

She is serious about this, to the degree that she has attempted to bring her body mass down in order to compete in the Flyweight division, but the potential Cyborg fight came along while she was working at it. She may even have to look at switching to boxing just to find a worthy opponent.

Nunes gave some context to her goal, saying that she had sat down with her coach and team and discussed which direction her next step should go in, in terms of one division, 125 pounds or 145 pounds. She said she decided to go down, but, when she had a look at what that would mean in terms of her diet, she had some doubts, saying it was going to be a very difficult task. The experiment with the Flyweight division, which Nunes attempted recently, was eventually abandoned -she managed to last only two days. Thanks to her lack of body fat, Nunes struggles to lose weight without it affecting her muscles.