Thompson almost certain no GSP vs Woodley

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson

Stephen Thompson recently spoke with and he said some surprising things. One of which was the possibility of UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley facing former welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. According to Stephen the odds of that bout happening are pretty small.

Do I see Woodley fighting Georges? Hell no. Well, that’s the thing. St-Pierre’s a very good friend of mine. I really, I don’t want that to happen. He understands that that’s my goal is to get that belt, you know what I mean? If that does come down to it, I would actually put that in his arena if he would like to [fight me] or not because he would be the champion if he beats Tyron. I would put that in his arena and say, ‘Hey,’ — make UFC go to him and say — ‘Hey, does this fight seem right?’ or whatever. Cause before I fought Tyron, we talked. St-Pierre’s like, ‘Man, I’m coming back. I have no interest in fighting you,” stuff like that as a friend.”

(Georges) was my inspiration to switch from kickboxing to MMA. He’s the one that pushed me to do the MMA thing, so he was my inspiration to do that. And, I don’t know, it doesn’t feel right for me to go out there and face off against somebody that important to me. But you never know, man. That’s just something we’ll have to see in the future. I mean is it just kind of up in the air? Woodleyis gonna have to face somebody here pretty soon. I know he’s coming off of shoulder surgery, so I’m really not sure where or how, where he’s at with that and how serious the surgery was. So I mean if he’s out for a while, then they may have to find somebody to fight Rafael dos Anjos until then. So hey, I’m down to do that if that’s the case, but I don’t know, man. Tyron’s kind of acting like it’s not a big deal and he’ll be back in there pretty soon.

Referencing Dos Anjos prompted a short but sweet response.

Fix that shoulder and I’ll see you next year, forget about GSP.