Mixed martial arts gained popularity after the inception of UFC (the Ultimate Fighting Championship). The fights are aired on various sports channels where poplar tournaments attract sponsors and big monetary prizes. Martial arts professionals require the appropriate equipment to participate and train for the competitions. Unlike other kinds of sports that demand lots of sporting equipment, with MMA, gloves make the most important gear. They help protect you and your opponent or training partner from injuries. Adequate investment in high-quality gloves should match your fighting style. Martial artists should factor in several features when choosing the appropriate MMA gloves:

The Materials Used

Most MMA gloves are made of pure or synthetic leather. Those made of synthetic leather are cheaper and are designed to last long. Leather gloves offer a premium feel to your hands but may be more expensive. The official UFC are made of pure leather.

The type of MMA Glove

There are three types of mixed martial arts¬†gloves¬†– grappling, sparring, and competition alternatives. Grappling gloves are specially designed for MMA’s style for grappling. The gloves provide a balance between the mobility of your thumb and offers protection for pad work and bag work. MMA grappling gloves allow more finger mobility compared to other MMA gloves. MMA sparring gloves, on the other hand, have more padding (7 ounces) and feature more shock-absorbing materials that reduce impact. Competition gloves are used in the real MMA cage fights. The gloves are designed to protect your hands. You can use them for light, technical sparring a week before the match.


You also want to find the right fit for your hands. Big gloves may cause your hands to move around and sometimes, result in injury when punching an opponent. Small gloves, however, have a tight fit that inhibits the mobility of your hands and fingers.

The Best MMA Gloves

When you have factored in all the aspects discussed above, you want to buy with the best deals mmagearaddict.com mma training equipment and fight gear from the best brands. With a large number of companies claiming to manufacture high-quality MMA equipment, you want to look at what popular martial artists use. It also helps to try the gloves before buying.

Combat Gloves

Made by fight gear specialists, the gloves feature a heavy padding with up to four layers. They are designed to disperse shock more uniformly compared to a 16-ounce pair of boxing gloves. Besides, they are made of synthetic leather, which holds up for long even after continuous use.

TITLE Gloves

The gloves come fitted with a full-wrap around the wrist to provide adequate wrist support. They are made of pure leather and protect your hands during intense sessions. TITLE gloves are designed for use during long fighting sessions.

The Hayabusa Ikusa

The brand is renowned for making gear for serious MMA artists and popular fighters like Anthony Pettis and Marcus Almeida, among others. They feature a Y-Volar design that offers stability and responsiveness by ensuring the glove remains tight on your hand.


The company is popular for making Muay Thai gear in Thailand. In fact, its founder is known for training Muay Thai fighters.

Whether you are a professional, amateur, or MMA hobbyist, this guide should help you select the right gloves for your fighting style and competition.

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