has been a staple of MMA news for a long time covering professional and amateur mixed martial arts from local to national levels. Some of their videos have been featured on shows like Inside MMA and other popular MMA news sites including here at PMN. The sale is significant because of how influential the site is in bringing attention to fighters and promotions that may not be getting much needed exposure. Bluegrass MMA co-founder Gary Thomas was a content contributor for and remains a respected member of the MMA community. Check out the full press release below.

B2Digital, Incorporated (OTCMKTS:BTDG) (“B2Digital”) B2Digital announced today that it has acquired Bluegrass MMA “BGMMA” Social Media and Digital Communication Platforms. The acquisition will be effective as of January 1, 2018.

Bluegrass MMA was started in January 2011 with local journalists and sports enthusiasts wanting to share their thoughts on the local MMA community. When the blog started the focus was geared towards improving the fight scene in Kentucky, hence the name, BluegrassMMA. Since the very begining, BGMMA mission was to be a platform for bringing awareness to the local fighters throughout our region. Our motto, “Fighters First, Fans Always,” is an accurate representation of how BGMMA has been able to grow every year. BGMMA has expanded their audience base and brand into Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia and has a readership and social media platform connections throughout the USA and globally.

Bluegrass MMA has expanded to reach over 301,000 users and over 1,300,000 page views since its inception. Bluegrass MMA also has an archive of podcasts that have been listened to over 250,000 times.  In the last six months, the BGMMA Facebook page has hit a reach of 387,000 people and has a presence not only on Facebook but Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and has BGMMA Podcasts available on iTunes.

Recently the site experienced a swell of over 18,000 users in a week period as a response to the annual Bluegrass MMA Awards.

The addition of BGMMA will bring a substantial increase to the B2 Social Media Network audience that will allow B2Digital to connect and interact directly with the B2 Fighting Series customers directly on any device at any time. THE B2SN as currently planned is expected to reach between 1 to 2 Million Social media connections to MMA fans and consumers per month.

BGMMA will be a part of the 3rd strategy of B2Digital to acquire companies that can improve the operations of the B2 Fighting Series fight companies. BGMMA will begin immediately working with each individual B2 Fight group in Public Relations, Social Media, and Digital Marketing. The current management of the company will stay on to manage the business with Gary Thomas as COO and Juan Valle as CTO.

“We have worked on Bluegrass MMA for six years now and it is a great opportunity for us to join the B2Digital group of companies and to expand our brand and customer base to the USA and beyond.”, said Gary Thomas, the new COO ,President and one of the founders of BluegrassMMA.

“When Mr. Bell talked about what he is trying to do with the B2 Digital Fighting Series I was immediately on board. His plans aligned perfectly with the strategy that Gary and I had when we started Bluegrass MMA. I am more than excited about the future with B2 Digital and how we can transform the local MMA landscape. The sport will not be the same,” said, Juan Valle, the CTO and one of the founders of BluegrassMMA.

“We are continuing to expand our holdings, and BGMMA is a key piece to increase our capability to expand the B2 Social Media Network and connect our B2 Fighting Series LIVE Events and digitally distribute our content directly to our growing fan base of MMA fans and consumers around North America.  We look forward to distributing our upcoming LIVE events on the Q4 schedule on the B2 Social Media Network and continuing to develop the B2 Fighting Series Minor League,” said Greg P. Bell, Chairman & CEO of B2Digital INC.

About B2Digital, Incorporated

B2Digital, Incorporated is a full service Live Event Sports Company. Since its restructuring in early 2017, the company has been led by a management team with over 30 years of global experience developing more than 20 companies in the Sports, Television, Entertainment, Digital Distribution and Banking Transaction industries. As part of its growth strategy, B2Digital intends to continue to develop and acquire assets meeting its business model with the goal of becoming a Premier Vertically Integrated LIVE Event Sports Company.

B2Digital is currently building an integrated LIVE Event Minor League for the MMA Mixed Martial Arts marketplace, through the creation and development of Minor League champions expected to graduate to MMA Major Leagues from the B2 Fighting Series. The company intends to continue to sponsor and operate LIVE Events, acquire existing MMA Promotions, and invite those champions to the B2 Fighting Series Regional and National Championship Series. Throughout this process, B2Digital expects to own all media and merchandising rights, as well as the digital distribution networks for the B2 Fighting Series.

B2Digital’s future plans beyond its initial growth strategy include the addition of Sports, Leagues, Tournaments and Special Events to its LIVE Event content. The company hopes to capitalize on its technology and business model to broaden the revenue base of the Live Events core business.

B2Digital also expects to develop and expand its B2 LIVE Event Systems and Technologies. These include Systems for Event Management, Digital Ticketing Sales, Digital Video Distribution, Digital Marketing, PPV (Pay per View), Fighter Management, Merchandise Sales, Brand Management and Financial Control Systems.

B2Digital: The LIVE Event Sports Company.


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