Daniel Cormier wasn’t phased at Oezdemir arrest, ready for UFC 220

Daniel Cormier held nothing back when he spoke on the MMA Hour yesterday. When Volkan Oezdemir was arrested last month for knocking someone out in a Florida bar it looked like he would be pulled from his bout with Cormier at UFC 220. Luckily the bout will still happen and even though it was a possibility that it would be cancelled that didn’t really phase Daniel.

I just kinda was like, just move onto the next guy. If it’s going to be somebody else, it’s going to be somebody else. I really don’t have any energy anymore for all these guys’ extra-curriculars anymore. If you’re going to go to jail, go to jail — who gives a damn? If you’re going to get yourself in trouble, you get yourself in trouble. I didn’t do it. Whatever. I’ll just go onto the next guy. I’m not going to deal with that anymore.

I feel like I have lost years of my life dealing with the shit with Jones, in terms of the arguments, the fighting, the worry, whether we’re going to fight, when we’re going to fight. I’ve lost a lot of time and energy just wasted on things that were out of my control. So if Volkan Oezdemir goes to jail, if Alexander Gustafsson does something and gets himself put in trouble, I’ll just move onto the next one. That’s what it’s going to constantly be for me. At this point, they’re all faceless until fight night, whenever we’re standing across the Octagon from each other. It’s just a name, and whoever that name happens to be is who I’m going to fight.

Who wins it? Volkan or Cormier?

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